Five Newsworthy Things in SA 9th February 2023:

News in South Africa 9th February: 1. Ramaphosa’s Sona today: South African President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver his seventh state-of-the-nation address on Thursday at a parlous juncture in his tenure. An energy crisis dating back to 2008 dramatically intensified last year and rolling blackouts have been imposed for 102 consecutive days to prevent the grid […]

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Five Newsworthy Things in SA 23rd November 2022:

News in South Africa 23rd November: 1. Eskom in dire need of funds: Eskom has approached National Treasury asking for another R15 billion for diesel and other fuel so that it can keep the lights on in the country. The power utility has run out of fuel to power its open-cycle gas turbines, which are […]

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Claiming money from UIF: What you need to know:

Claiming money from the UIF: What you need to know:   The coronavirus crisis and lockdown have paralysed businesses and left many in South Africa without an income. Enter the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), which should help those in the formal sector with some form of payment in this time. When a contributing worker becomes […]

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Investing as a young person:

Investing as a young person:   Investing doesn’t have to be complicated. Sadly though when you’re just starting out, it can be a hard ask due to so many competing demands. You also need some basic investment knowledge, which often supplied in high school classes or college. On a positive front: There are more attractive […]

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