Five Newsworthy Things in SA 21st November 2023:

News in South Africa 21st November: 1. Sars APN impacts imports: On 1 December, the South African Revenue Service (Sars) will implement new advance payment notification (APN) requirements in a bid to combat illicit cash flows. The changes will impact all import payments valued at R50 000 and above. An APN is an application made by […]

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Five Newsworthy Things in SA 30th November 2020:

News in South Africa 30th November: 1. Resurgence of Covid worse than initial wave: Mkhize said he had come to “give support to Port Elizabeth” and his team was looking at how hospitals were coping, investigating complaints about bed shortages and monitoring behavioural change. “Whilst Eastern Cape in general has shown a rise in numbers, […]

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