Five Newsworthy Things in SA 24th January 2022:

News in South Africa 24th January: 1. Drivers licence crisis: South Africa’s growing driver licence backlog has led to concerns from motorists about what happens when their licence expires and they are not able to receive a new card. Driving licence cards in South Africa are produced by the Driving Licence Card Account (DLCA) – […]

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Five Newsworthy Things in SA 5th August 2021:

News in South Africa 5th August: 1. Nationwide strike averted: A general strike in the public sector, which could have shut down state hospitals, schools, and police stations, has been averted but possible industrial action might be in the offing in SA’s engineering and steel industry. A strike in the engineering and steel industry, which […]

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Five Newsworthy Things in SA 4th August 2021:

News in South Africa 4th August: 1. Schools completely looted: Schools across Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) were looted and damaged during the recent bout of civil unrest, piling more pressure onto the education sector which has already been hurt by Covid-19 and associated lockdowns. The pandemic has had a devastating impact on education in South […]

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