Five Newsworthy Things in SA 29th May 2023:

News in South Africa 29th May: 1. Scam warning: While online and contactless payments have become the norm in South Africa, major banks are reminding consumers to be aware of common scams, as the number of victims of banking scams has seen an uptick in 2023. According to the South African Banking Risk Information Centre […]

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Five Newsworthy Things in SA 24th April 2023:

News in South Africa 24th April: 1. Eskom warning from IMF: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that South Africa’s electricity crisis poses a significant threat to the country’s fiscal health. It also said Eskom must reduce its reliance on government funding. This was said at the IMF’s Spring Meetings with the World Bank […]

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Five Newsworthy Things in SA 6th May 2021:

News in South Africa 6th May: 1. Eskom winter struggles: Data published by Eskom this week shows that the utility has not been able to generate enough electricity to adequately meet peak evening demand. On Monday night it fell 254 megawatts (MW) short of peak demand at 6pm, and on Tuesday night it was 158MW […]

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