Five Newsworthy Things in SA 3rd March 2021:

News in South Africa 3rd March: 1. JHB road plant down for over 5 months: The Johannesburg Roads Agency’s R50m asphalt plant ‘has been down for over five months’. The Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA), an entity within the City of Joburg, is currently unable to produce asphalt at a R50 million plant it acquired in […]

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Five Newsworthy Things in SA 25th February 2021:

News in South Africa 25th February: 1. Budget speech – response largely positive: he response to National Treasury’s 2021 budget has been broadly positive, with analysts praising the finance minister for sticking to his guns on cutting spending, while dropping plans to raise more taxes. However, it has not been without controversy, particularly from the […]

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Five Newsworthy Things in SA 10th November 2020:

News in South Africa 10th November: 1. Public service workers paid too much?: Research and analytics group Intellidex has published a new report looking at public-sector worker pay in South Africa. The report, which was commissioned by Business Unity South Africa (BUSA), uses the same calculations as the IMF – which considers the public sector […]

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